Saefernites Active as Stewards of the Environment
and Other Local Initiatives

Areas of Focus

silted creek

In his inaugural message, our neighborhood President indicated that "stewardship to the environment and stewardship to local and county initiatives" are areas of focus within our community. A review of the online Scuttlebutt archives reveals articles in every issue which demonstrate the extent of involvement by numerous Saefernites serving as dedicated stewards of our environment and many local issues affecting our quality of life.

OutfallMany of our neighbors are currently involved in a wide variety of efforts related to this area of focus. The summary below is provided to inform about the important work undertaken on behalf of the environment and local issues by so many members of our community. New efforts by enthusiastic volunteers have emerged over time, and hopefully will continue to do so. The commitment to improve our environment and quality of life is another reason why Saefern is such a special place to live.

Special thanks and gratitude go to all the Saefernites for their efforts and dedication, as well as to the many unsung heroes who provide labor, help, support, and who turn out at hearings and meetings. Below are the most prevalent of the activities.

Preventing Runoff ErosionOutfall project

Preventing runoff erosion into the creeks and the Severn River; the focus on raising the community's awareness of the importance of effectively managing stormwater runoff which we believe is the single largest factor responsible for polluting our waterways. The culmination of this effort was the implementation of a regenerative stormwater conveyance (RSC) system for treating the runoff from the North Harbor Court cul-du-sac. As the system matures, appropriate steps are being taken to maintain the system. This project helped launch a much broader effort to seek and procure substantial grant funds for other significant stream restoration efforts in the Clements and Saltworks Creek watersheds.

Kudzu Eradication

KudzuNeighbors are working with leaders of other communities along Epping Forest Road to obtain assistance from the County in controlling the spread of kudzu.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

One of our members serves as the VP for Communications at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) and is responsible for messaging, writing, public opinion research, media (traditional and digital), electronic communications, and all aspects of design and provides coordination of roles played by others connected to Saefern.

Grants for Waterway Restoration Projects

Writing grants to fund Severn River Restoration Projects, working with the Severn Riverkeeper for several years writing grant applications to fund waterway restoration projects, including the stepped pool system to repair the Carriage Hills outfall at the headwaters of Clements Creek, the design of a marsh restoration, and currently working to obtain funding to restore the headwaters of Saltworks Creek. These efforts have also helped to reduce the impact of the Arrow Cove development.

Deer Managementdeer

Maryland Deer Management Program Representatives: according to the Department of Natural Resources, the deer population in Anne Arundel County continues to grow beyond a sustainable level which is dangerous to our trees and our health. Two of our members supervise the short bow-hunting season on Saefern recreational property.

Generals Highway Action Group

We are proactive about zoning and development issues along the Generals Highway corridor and decisions related to County Council hearings and County Executive affecting our community.

Caring CollectionA Local Charity in Our Neighborhood

The Caring Collection creates stained glass artwork to benefit cancer patients at the Johns Hopkins Oncology Center in Baltimore, Maryland and the Anne Arundel Oncology Center in Annapolis, Maryland. It is composed of a group of over 90 volunteers of all ages and backgrounds who create stained glass angels and sun catchers. To date, they have donated over $945,000 for specific equipment for patient care and research. It began in 1982 when Maryland artist Bobbie Burnett designed one three-dimensional angel for a friend with leukemia. Today over 40,000 angels of various designs and an infinite number of sun catchers can be found in homes throughout the world. Each one is a symbol of love, hope, care and comfort.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for HumanityAs a local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake works in partnership with families in Annapolis which are in need of housing to build simple, decent and affordable homes. Several in Saefern contribute items and skills to this local affiliate.

Anne Arundel Waterway Restoration Alliance

SSYC is a member of AAWRA. One of our own, Bob Whitcomb, started this Association and was President for several years. The AAWRA is an alliance of communities, dredging officials, Chesapeake Bay associations and trusts, dredgingand boaters on navigable waters in Anne Arundel County supporting deeper tidal water channels, sediment reclamation, tidal habitats, and natural fisheries.

Bay Wise

The Bay-Wise Program is run by volunteer Master Gardeners (MG). At your request, a trained MG will schedule a yard visit to your property. At the visit, Bay Wise ProgramMG's will, with you, evaluate, advise, and explain how to maintain or improve your landscape so that it can help to improve the water quality of the Chesapeake Bay. There is no charge for this program.

Severn River Associationsevern river logo

The Severn River Association, a group of individuals and community organizations, advocates, educates, and acts to protect and improve the health, ecological integrity, and quality of life for humans, flora and fauna living in the Severn River Watershed.