Saefern Spirit

Saefern is Special

By John and Karen Wright

Turning into Epping Forest Road, entering the canopy of trees -- in the summer watching the car thermometer plunge ten degrees -- we come to the Saefern sign. We smile because for us this is home and after more than twenty years we are still in awe of how special it is to live here. Saefern is where both nature and neighbors are prized. Some of those neighbors are returning second generations raising their children where they grew up. The community spirit abounds. Neighbors pitch in time and time again. baby birdsSome 100 show up to rake, paint or repair our facilities at one of our two Workdays. Many, many neighbors join one of our numerous committees needed to run Saefern. While serving in many community capacities and having to ask neighbors to help serve on a committee with this or that, the answer is invariably, "Yes, how can I help?" At a recent Workday, one Saefernite erroneously received a large bag of onions on her doorknob, but she didn't hesitate and chopped and delivered them for the chili. We must warn you, driving down a road in Saefern can take awhile - especially since we stop to chat with the walkers getting their exercise. Asked why they chose Saefern, one of our neighbors said when they were house hunting, people in Saefern waved just like in the country.

Social Get Togethers

The Saefern Community can think of more excuses to have a gathering. Everyone stirs up something special in the kitchen and we put it all together to make a party. Many social events have become traditions. dog boatingThere is burning of the socks in the Spring, gathering around the pool in the summer, tossing eggs at the Labor Day Picnic, and racing sailboats for our Pewter Platter prize in the Fall. There are groups for reading books, playing bridge, having dinner parties, doing water aerobics, and playing tennis. And down at the docks boat problems become a group discussion. Children are swimming in the pool, playing on the swing, at the basketball hoop, or visiting the barn to feed the horses carrots. The excellent community facilities call us together to share with each other and build relationships. We have a wonderful monthly newsletter that keeps us informed of what our governing, financial and environmental concerns are, and where we can view the social calendar. It also provides us with our history.

Special. Yes, that's what Saefern is, special.

And a great place to call home.