Saefern's Structure

About Our Neighborhood

Severn RiverImagine a place where large wooded lots meet the water's edge and a strong sense of community prevails. Where a forest teaming with wildlife is a short walk out back, yet all the domestic urban needs are nearby. A neighborhood where shared amenities allow for many recreational options; from sailing and boating to tennis, swimming, walking, jogging and equestrian activities.Map of Saefern Area

Such a place does exist and it's called Saefern – old English for Severn, named after the nearby Severn River from which it is located. Strategically placed, the community is bounded by Clements Creek and Saltworks Creek, which provides the neighborhood with unparalleled access to the Chesapeake. With a land heritage that dates back to the some of the first King's land grants, it is not surprising to find that much of the forest has been well preserved, both in the community lots and its home sites.

Working Together, We Accomplish Much

Founded in the 1960's, Saefern was developed by Eliot Y.P. Powell whose vision for the community was one of shared facilities, large private lots and sustainable living were progressive at the time. Today, this community is home to 132 families who enjoy outdoor living at its finest and the ability to do so without having to leave their community. All of the amenities from the Swimming Pool to the Docks, Tennis Courts and Stables are held by the Saefern Saddle & Yacht Club, a private self-managed club under which all Saefern homeowners are eligible to join. Membership, which includes voting rights to the club, is confirmed each year through each member's dues and historically the rate of membership has exceeded 97% of the owners. With more than 139 boat slips and deep water, Saefern Saddle & Yacht Club is truly unique on the Bay with its ability to provide all of its members access without a waiting list.

Perhaps the best part of living in Saefern is its strong community ties among its residents. Annual events dot the calendar from the Easter Egg Hunt, Labor Day cookout, a sailboat race late in the season, and other regular events. Volunteerism is at the heart of the community which allows residents to keep club dues modest while giving neighbors a great reason to get out and meet each other. Families of all types call Saefern their home . . . and several generations of residents have found that it's a special place like none other on the Chesapeake Bay.