Saltworks Creek Rebirth

Saltworks Creek Dredged - February 2013

After many years of effort to get South Harbor dock rebuilt and Saltworks Creek dredged, it’s done! Since there is little dreging activity in the area, the county was able to negotiate a low cost for the Saltworks project. Saefern has a good relationship with the County Project Manager and Bay Lands Consultants, both of whom helped us get the same per-cubic-yard, low cost as the county would receive for dredging our dock slips. We were even able to increase the number of slips to be dredged and come in well under budget.

Please contact the Dockmaster if you are interested in having a boat at South Harbor dock for the 2013 boating season. There is depth for larger boats now and soon the new kayak dock will be finished, making this dock safer and small-boat friendly.

Thanks to all Saefern members who made the rebirth of South Harbor possible.

Video by Rob Muir