About Saefern's Amenities - Walking Trails

trailsSaefern Walking Trails

We are lucky to have forests surrounding our neighborhood. But with that comes a responsibility to make sure that the trails are cleared of debris; to not leave trash behind; by walking dogs on a leash so that wildlife remains undisturbed; and by leaving beautiful flora where it is found and not picking it for private gardens! The seasons add so much to the trails, walking in the spring when trees and buds are coming to life; summer trails cooled by the forest canopy, only seeing filtered light and not being able to see any houses because of the dense undergrowth; autumn when the trails are hushed by the only sound coming from stepping on the bed of leaves that lay beneath your feet; and finally winter, where the forest seems naked yet there are animal trails to spot, winter berries glorious in their red colors, and mosses, algea and some ferns still alive and coping with the cold temperatures. The descriptions of the walks below are only in one direction, but of course you can reverse them! Take water and remember to be a good steward of the trails - don't leave anything behind but your footsteps.

Easy, Moderate, More Challenging

Look for the white solid ovals painted on the trunks of trees if you are unsure of your path.

  • Short, delightful walk, all on blacktop, but a steep hill returning! South Harbor Court to the South Harbor Dock. Sit at the water's edge or walk to the end of the dock and watch nature in the air, in the water, and along the banks of the Saltworks Creek headwaters.
  • Behind the Pool Area, a short, easy walk (~50 steps) to a bench and overlook of the marina (shoes may get muddy if we've had recent rains). Walk around the Pool Area toward the Playground. Take the steps down and off to the right you'll see the bench and flower tubs. Sit and admire the view, nature, and the North Harbor marina.
  • The Tennis Road:
    • 1) Just before entering the tennis court area, there is a path to the right where you'll find the trail to the Saefern Lake and back, or
    • 2) Turn left before entering the tennis court parking lot to travel to Saefern Way. This is a steep valley and the path can be a challenge - hopping over downed trees and slippery steep sides of the trail.

  • The Stable Road: Once at the barn, keep to the right. Walk toward the paddock and follow the fence around keeping it on your left. Look for the oval painted tree path markers. This trail leads from Saefern to Saltworks Creek residental area and you exit on to Epping Forest Road.